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Brian Williams
Expatriate artist, born in Peru, '50, raised there and in Chile. Attended University of California, Santa Barbara, '68 〜'72.
Has resided in Japan since then.
Light . . . Atmosphere . . . Stillness . . .
These define his landscape painting.Has held over one
hundred solo exhibitions at galleries all over Japan, and
abroad. Works in watercolor, oil, and printmaking. Lives in
200-year-old renovated farmhouse near Lake Biwa. As a
landscape painter, feels environmental destruction more
keenly and directly than most, and believes his job
description includes efforts to protect and restore that
andscape. His conviction is that ‘natural beauty is a key
ndicator of environmental health’.

“An Evening at Kiyomizu with Brian’s  
Parabolic Paintings” May  14th, 2011,     8:00〜9:30 pm
DM Paintings to be displayed on the Balconies of Kiyomizu Admission Free   BUT   entrance ticket required
Brian Williams will bring his original Parabolic Paintings, so liberated from flat surface and rectilinear shape, to the liberating space of the balconies of Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto.  An unforgettable and unique event.
At this time, the “Hundred Friends of Brian” association, with special events and privileges, is to be launched.  For details  . . .
PDF/448KB (Japanese)  
link of video page
Video by Jhon Wells
Montage by Stewert Wachs